About us

YunFang’s Beliefs:
Show the international community the finest, world-class tea in Taiwan

YunFang Tea Plantation gives the world the finest tea that is nurtured by the fertile land and clean water of Taitung.

YungFang’s efforts have changed people’s perspectives concerning the distribution of fine teas. Because Taitung has excellent geographical location and climate, we are able to cultivate the finest teas!

In the past, the high altitude and cold climate made Taiwan Mountain Ranges a good place for tea cultivation, so a high elevation becomes the first priority in producing fine teas, and people have always considered the teas grown in Taiwan Mountain Ranges as their first choice. However, Taitung, bestowed by fertile lands and clean water, is a county that has cultivated numerous prize-winning rice brands, and it also has excellent conditions for cultivating fine teas, such as proper high elevation, a large difference in temperatures of day and night, and high relative humidity. In recent years, YunFang Tea Plantation has taken advantage of such geographical features to cultivate highly-acclaimed fine teas.

In addition, since the management was passed down to the second generation, Mr. Si-Cing Chen, in 1985, YunFang Tea Plantation has been making remarkable progress in management style, following each step of tea manufacturing carefully and cultivating the land organically. Therefore, during the 21 years of business, YunFang Tea Plantation has won prizes more than 30 times, and was the final winner of “the 2nd National Excellent Tea Competition” in 2005. To produce such a hard-to-get fine tea is not an easy task, but YunFang has done it and continues to do it. We hope to cultivate more good teas and let the world share the fragrance of Taiwan’s fine teas!



Lee-Hom Wang was invited for shooting of a TV commercial, the Royal Tea Garden Tea, Cold Mountain King.

Mr. Si-Cing Chen’s light fragrant oolong tea won the first prize in its category in “The 2nd National Excellent Tea Competition” held by the Council of Agriculture. It was also the annual winner of “Strip-shaped BaoZhing Tea”, “Mature Oolong Tea” and “Light Fragrant Oolong Tea”. After the competition, Mr. Chen’s prize-winning tea was bid at 880,000 NTD by Vitalon, and he was later invited for the shooting of a TV commercial, the Royal Tea Garden Tea, Cold Mountain King, with the famous idol, Lee-Hom Wang. In so doing, he has shared YunFang’s fine tea with the public