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“Guaranteed Fragrance”—It’s YunFang
YunFang Tea Plantation is known for its dedication to making the most fascinating tea that features “guaranteed fragrance”. Every experienced tea lover definitely enjoys this tea experience: as the boiling water flows through the tea, the tea leaves gradually expand, the fragrance permeates the rising steam, and before drinking it, he/she is already captured by the tea’s savory, lingering fragrance.
Infatuation with the savory fragrance of the tea is the charm irresistible to every tea lover, and thoroughly satisfying. Just as each unique fragrance leaves people with a particular impression, the charm of YunFang’s tea-making leaves an indelible memory.


Because of our fertile land and precise procedures, our tea not only has a fine finish but also a fragrance which lingers longer.
Situated in Luye Township, Taitung County, the YungFang Tea Plantation was established by Mr. Ru-Jhang Chen, and is currently managed by the second generation, Si-Cing Chen. Since Mr. Si-Cing Chen grew up on the tea plantation, he decided to better develop the tea business handed down by his father after retiring from the army in 1985. He knows that the mountains, water and unpolluted lands in Taitung, which make it an ideal place for rice, provide a wonderful place for tea; therefore, he decided to treat the tea fields more naturally, and tea field management became his first step in promoting the tea business.


Not only do we use organic fertilizers in YunFang Tea Plantation, but we also use manpower to weed, for we believe that returning to nature makes better land for growing tea.
Besides cultivating an excellent environment for growing tea, YunFang Tea Plantation also demands a precise tea-making process. We handpick our tea leaves to preserve the original flavor, having learned lessons from Mr. Si-Cing Chen, who experienced a number of failures in the tea-making business. It’s after all these trials, errors and challenges that we finally mastered the best timing for basking, withering, rolling and drying as well as matching the environment, temperature, climate and humidity, to provide a perfect cup of tea to every tea lover. Therefore, our tea has not only a fine finish but also a delightful and lingering fragrance.